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Suchit Kumar of Fondiversal Says Budding Entrepreneurs Should Be Cautious But Aggressive

By The SW Team on April 16, 2014


My Startup World speaks to Suchit Kumar, the CEO of Fondiversal Technology to find out more about his company and his journey into entrepreneurship.


Can you tell something about yourself? Your school life, your college life, your interests, your family?

I am a Graduate from Mangalore university in India with a Bachelor degree in Business Management. I am married with 2 kids.


How did you arrive on the idea behind Fondiversal Technology?

After having work experience for almost 23 years in various markets, I thought the time was right for me to venture on my own business along with my partner and colleague Brian who also shares the same vision, style and experience.


How and when was the company started?

The company started in June 2013 and the funding for the company was through own pool pulled in by Brian and me together.


Tell us about how you went about registering the company, the initial number of employees, the managing partners of the company and so on.

The company has been registered in Taiwan as the headquarters and along with Brian and me we have five employees in Taiwan and also three off-shore. We are gradually adding people as we believe people are investment to the growth of the company.


What sort of products and services does Fondiversal Technology deal in and provide?

Our product portfolio covers Wireless, Power, Vision and Mobility. The company encapsulates the core value of quality, commitment, service and integrity. Our niche lies in the fact that we thoroughly understand today’s technologies to ensuring companies a viable and profitable future in emerging markets and help grow revenue and profit gains within highly competitive MEA, CIS and Indian sub-continent market.


What is the primary source of revenue for Fondiversal Technology?

It is through mobility and wireless products. We market our services mainly through personal contacts, mass mailers and PR.


Apart from being involved in Fondiversal Technology, are you also involved in other business / initiatives / companies / startups?

Apart from being involved in Fondiversal Technology, I am also the head of the working committee at Dubai Computer Group. Our future plans for Fondiversal Technology would be to be a dominant player through forging partnerships on bringing innovative products with overreaching strategies. At the moment my focus is to maintain the momentum of growth for Fondiversal and reach the manifestation of the company’s vision.


What is your advice to other entrepreneurs in the process of setting up shop in the Middle East?

I would say, “Be Cautious but Aggressive”. Tackling a business plan can be challenging. So do not make it overly complicated. Plan short-term actions and daily tasks.




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