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Review by GoTrend : Record it all, with the OnReal Camera!

Review by GoTrend : Record it all, with the OnReal Camera!

by GoTrendSA • June 6, 2016

If this camera was someone, than we’ve found the perfect person. It’s got the perfect curves of Beyonce, the ruggedness of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the all round versatility of Macgyver!

The OnReal camera has finally hit the South African market, and here at GoTrendSA we have the Scoop!

The device, known as the smallest camera in the world (weighing only 25g!) is taking the world by storm with its ability to catch memories anywhere, anytime with a size that fits right in your pocket!



The brand new OnReal Camera weighing only 25g!

Trending these days are cameras that are small enough to fit anywhere. Riding a bike in the mountain, Running on the road, a dashboard cam in your car or just a little camera placed on your fridge for personal home surveillance.

Yes, cameras that are becoming smaller are definitely in right now and ensuring that you get the best picture out of these little guys is one of the most important features that they need to have.

The OnReal camera is one of the most efficient cameras to hit our market with one of the most advanced integrated systems in such a small device.

The camera has the ability to connect up to Android or iOS devices and lets you use your mobile phone or tablet as the viewfinder!

With this amazing feature only being accessible on professional DSLR devices, the OnReal camera has truly so much integrated into a small package!


Let’s have a look at some of the fast stats!

– 120° field of view
– Up to 2 hrs recording time
– 8 Mega Pixels
– Brilliant FHD movies in all conditions
– View, control and share directly with your mobile device
– Record file size 3 mins/5 mins/10 mins

– Built-in Mic
– Lithium battery 400mAh
– 1 Year Warranty



The OnReal camera comes with everything in one box, unlike other cameras that force you to buy mount accessories the OnReal includes four incredible options to use your camera.

Clip it on your shirt, Stick it on your window or place it on your fridge! There’s always an option and a place to record!


Honest Review:

Using the camera was much easier than expected, the wifi connection to our iPhone really worked well and it was totally cool to see the camera’s view right on our screen!

The recordings were really clear and the wide view lens picked up so much more than expected! The fact that the camera came with the four attachments was really a fantastic aspect, no need to go out and buy extra accessories.

All in all, we really have nothing negative to say about the OnReal Camera.


For a camera that’s so small it definitely packs a punch. The camera comes with an incredible selection of attachments and a whole lot of fun!

If you’re looking for the new cam on the block we definitely recommend the below distributors who stock the OnReal Cameras for an incredible price of R1999.00.

There are currently two suppliers who stock it:


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