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Q1:What is mAh?

A:It stands for milliampere hour. It is the capacity measure for power banks and tells how much power the power bank holds.

Q2:There are dual outputs on mainstream power bank, 2.5A and 1A, which should I use to charge my smart phone?

A:Most of smart phones need 0.8A power source, 2.5A and 1A can meet the demand. Tablets consume more power and need to use 2.5A output to charge.

Q3:Will 2.5A fast charging cause damage to smart phone?

A:No. It is your electronic device controls the charging process instead of power bank. Power bank only provides electricity passively. Output in the larger ampere (A) the wider range of electronic devices it is able to supply power.

Q4:Why it is not fast while charging the power bank?

A:When charging the power bank, please use the USB cable is included in the package and adapter supports 2.5A output. There are many low price USB adapters in the market but they don’t passed UL or CB certification. We recommend you stop using them. There are news about fire caused by using these cheap and uncertificated adapters.

If you use a USB port, USB is restricted by its limit and can provide 1A maximum only. To perform fast-charge, it is important to use plug and cable in 2.5A specification.

Q5:Why doesn’t MegaPower Box work with my notebook?

A:MegaPower Box is designed to serve notebook which power supply is equal or under 65W.
Please check your notebook battery section or specification sticker. There is specification, such as 20V 2A. Multiple voltage (V) and ampere (A) and you will get Watt (W).

You might find MegaPower Box doesn’t work occasionally for notebook which under 65W when there is 25% capacity left, with 1 battery indicator on.It is because the EODV protection has been implemented. When energy consumes to certain degree, the voltage would drop rapidly. If the discharge were to continue, it will cause permanent damage.

To protect battery from over-discharging, device prevents operation beyond the specified end-of-discharge voltage. When energy is too low to afford 19V output for notebook, however; the battery is still enough to supply 5V for smart phone or tablet which required smaller voltage.

When MegaPower Box doesn’t work for notebook, it is time to charge it.

Q6:Is there any expiration date for battery?

A:Batteries have life cycle. It can charge and discharge for more than 500 times, at least a year. It doesn’t mean it will be end of life when the 500th times you charge or discharge it. The performance will progressively decrease with usage of time.

Q1:Will the Fondi OnReal APP work in Windows system?

A:No. It only works for mobile system, iOS and Android.

Q2:How can I take time lapse videos?

A:To execute time lapse, it required to use APP. Please set your preference intervals in setting, turn into time lapse mode, and click the record key on APP to start time lapse recording.

It is not necessary to maintain OnReal and mobile connected while shooting. Mobiles can connect to other Wi-Fi spots. Press Shutter button to cease recording.

OnReal will stop recording and save files automatically when memory card is full or the battery is out of power. It is highly recommended connect to an external power bank while filming for a long period.

Q3:How can I download files?

The photos and videos are saved in Micro SD card. You can download the photos by APP to mobiles or by USB cable to your PC, where files in SD card can be found in “Removable hard disk” in “My Computer”. Please use the USB cable included in the package.

Q1:Why doesn’t the device power on after press power button?

A: Devices may fail to power on if the battery level is too low to provide basic functions.
Please plug the tablet/phone to a power outlet. Check if there is a battery icon on the screen display.

Please don’t use a USB port, including power banks and computers, to do the test. If there is no battery icon showing, the battery is completely drained.
Please kindly wait at least an hour with power plug on. Power button would work to power on the devices when the battery icon shows on the display.

If the battery icon shows on the screen display but the power button can’t turn on the devices. Please reset it by using any narrow shape object, such as paper clip or a pencil, to press reset button for at least 10 seconds.

Q2:Why does the tablet/phone suddenly crash or malfunction?

A:Please be noted that installing any unknown third party APP may also cause malfunction. If something isn’t working right, please restart the device first.

Turn all APPs off, power off and then power on. If you can’t power off or the problem continues, please reset it.
The reset button is next to power button. Please press it with a narrow shape object, such as a paper clip or a pencil, for at least 10 seconds.

Please handle the device with care.
It contains sensitive electronic components may be damaged and cause malfunction if dropped, burned, punctured, crushed, or if it comes in contact with liquid.

Q3:Why is the touch panel blunt?

A:The screen protector could slightly affect the sensitivity. Please remove or change other kinds of screen protector. While swiping on the screen, please keep finger and screen display dry. If the problem continues, please follow restart and reset steps.

Q4:Why does the tablet/phone become hot after using for a while?

A:The electronic device consumes power and generate the heat while APPs are in execution. The longer time and the more APP in execution generates the higher temperature.

Please don’t place device under a blanket, pillow, or your body while it is plugged into a power source.
When sensing overheat with non-stop-usage, please power off the device and resume using after the device cools down.

On the other hand, if the interior temperature exceed normal operating temperature (For example, in a hot car or in direct sunlight for extended periods of time), the device may crashed as well. Please power off the device, move to a cooler location and resume using after the device cools down.

The tablet/phone comply with applicable surface temperature standards and limits. However, even within these limits, sustained contact with warm surface for long periods of time may cause discomfort or injury.

To be continued...