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ASBIS introduces Fondi range of tablets by Channel Post MEA

ASBIS introduces Fondi range of tablets by Channel Post MEA


Leading distributor, ASBIS expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of

Fondi brand of tablets in Middle East markets. Feature rich, sleek, ergonomically

designed Fondi comes with both WIFI and 3G options representing the best value

for money that fit seamlessly into today’s digital lifestyles.

Ammar Towir, Sales Director-Middle East, ASBIS said “ASBIS remained committed

towards introducing products in this market with practical solutions that take into

account the diverse need of today’s world, whether it is entertainment, presentations,

display or graphic applications. Consumers across the globe demand not just

good design functionality, but also wider applications and competitive pricing and

with the introduction of Fondi we meet this goal of solid technology at moderate


Fondi brand is part of Taiwan based Fondiversal Technology offering a wide range

of tablets and several other mobile and computer accessories. Speaking on the

occasion for the launch of Fonsi tablets in Middle Eastern markets, its President

Mr. Brian Liu commented “The tablet market is evolving at a faster rate in these

regions and we will be leveraging on our business partnership with Asbis who is

a leader in tablet business to drive our sales in this region”


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